Lille Killen publicerar lite recensioner

Lille Killen publicerar idag lite heta recensioner av Gustav Nilssons låtar, hämtade från lite olika källor.

I´m supposed to do so many other things:

Från Garageband:
Really catchy from the getgo, everything is working together really nicely. The electric guitar is making this song happen, the part is awesome. The singer kind of reminds me Mitch Jagger, only he can sing. The chorus is really good, perfect volume and sound. The chord progressions are awesome. I love when the claps come in at around 2:20. The production value on this song is great. I really would be surprised if you guys aren't signed, obviously you're talented musicians, but you're also talented songwriters (an underrated quality). This is a great song, and normally I'd have some criticism, but I really can't think of any way to make this better. 5 stars. Reviewed by: thegiveahoot from Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

Från Slicethepie:

Reviewed on 03 Jul 2009 by a scout

Score: 10/10

This mellow, catchy pop tune is boppy enough to be played on the radio, but indie enough to remain with the hipsters. That's a good thing. This band has fame written all over them. I can't wait for an album.

New York:

Från Slicethepie:

Reviewed on 03 Jul 2009 by a scout

Score: 10/10

The music and voice sure sounds melodious to the ears, very good carry of the lyrics and some soft and somber beats backing it up which is pretty melodious for teh ears.

Reviewed on 03 Jul 2009 by a scout

Score: 9/10

Passionate singing was the limelight of the track.The music was rhythmic and had an excellent tune.The vocal was singing in tune and was nicely balancing himself with the music.I liked the track.The lyrics were meaningful and had passion too.

Reviewed on 03 Jul 2009 by a scout

Score: 9/10

The vocal is very good and I liked the way he sings. The lyrics are not that bad and they do fit the music and the rhythm of it. The music is not very complicated but it still sounds good and I especially liked the violin.

Mulholland Drive:

Från Garageband:
Perfect Acoustic Chamber Pop
I always like fast, original, accurate fingerpicking. I love the close-miked, extremely dry vocal. It reminds me of Lou Reed. Is that a slight accent from somewhere besides Minnesota?

Strings and a minor four chord. This song is seriously pushing every button that I like. Achingly beautiful stereo panned violins - that passage around 1:30 is very beautiful.

The phrase "Mulholland Drive" evokes the David Lynch movie, which I really liked. What? It's over already? I wanted more! Just two verses? I'm listening again.

This song is evocative of open, starry, black skies and easy going companionship. Taking some time and hanging out on a scenic hill with a friend.

And I really can't say enough about how much I love the strings, which really get to another level right at 1:30 with that unexpected minor thing. Gorgeous. I hope you offer a free download. I will check out your whole deal. Cheers! Reviewed by: MemphisEvans from Northfield, Minnesota

Great Tune!
This is the kind of tune I could here on the car stereo with the top down crusing along the open highway,Sweet Melody flawless vocals,Great Tune!
Thank you for letting me review this tune I enjoyed it very much and will give you 5 for this effort
Keep making great music...Bernie
- mr_happpy from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada on 24May2008


- doublecreamuk from United Kingdom on 26Oct2007

Pretty Without the Sap
A lot of the soft quiet stuff out there gets carried away with being pretty and does not deliver on any emotional level. The dark chord shadings and sparse vocal on this tune worked quite well at avoiding that malady.
I like how the vocal allows the tune to breath, with concise lines, no oversung notes and a calmness to the delivery. The diction could use some sharpening up. Memories sounded like mammary (but it always does to me anyhow) and some lines I could not make out. Nonetheless the timbre and delivery were very good.
The vocal, being sort of a breathless type, smartly left the melody to the instruments. At first I was afraid the guitar line would get redundant but the arrangement and the chord progression worked quite nicely to keep things moving along. Bonus for the very dark chord shadings on the bridge part. It was like peaking through a hole in the fence at an old overgrown garden or something. Nice touch.
So, where does that leave us? Good delivery, neat concepts and a killer nugget within, good job dudes.
- farmerted from Valley Center, California on 8Oct2007


Från Slicethepie:

Reviewed on 01 Sep 2008 by a scout

Score: 10/10

Good song.Music arrangement is great.Sound balance and clear.Indie influence.

Reviewed on 16 Dec 2008 by a scout

Score: 10/10

This is commercial sounding melody thats well produced and innovative. The vocals have personality and style. Creative and edgy.

Reviewed on 20 Dec 2008 by a scout

Score: 9/10

excellent track. it brought a smile to my face. brillient to dance to. maybe even better than some of the greats.

Time to kill:

Från Garageband:

Yeah "boots of leather"
Harmonica intro w/ aggressive acoustic rhythm hooks me immediately. I like the gravely vocals and immediate lyrical connection that the writer portrays. The name point keeps me lyrically in tune with the colors painted in the story line. Ok, I had to repeat and listen one more time in order to enjoy the track. It's a head "bobber." This song has Character w/ a capital "C" which keeps the listener wanting to know what the artist is saying. Very well written song, arrangement and passionate delivery. COOL! Reviewed by: VilaFishburn from Zionsville, Indiana 

Nice, very nice
I like the vocals, the are as husky as a pack a day smoker, and the backup singing compliments. The guitar and drums work together well, blending in together. The brushes compliment the strumming pattern so well and for such a repetitive song you don't get sick of hearing those chords over and over. That makes it very catchy. The harmonica added a nice splash of colour and made me feel as though I moving out of someones apartment, it added to the songs depth. Nice work. Reviewed by: withoutsound from Seymour, Victoria, Australia

Awesomely different!!!!!
What a fresh sound!!!! Love the graspy voice and playful melody. It has some reminiscent of the 60's mixed with and alternative touch. This is great music! Man, it is frustrating songs like this don't reach the radio. Everything I have heard today should get a chance. You guys are great. I will definetly check your band!!!
- JAHMUSIK from San Juan, Puerto Rico on 11Sep2008

Great harp
What a great start with very proficient harp plying. I love the vocals--just the right amount of grit and heart--the lyrics are great and make me hear Dylan singing to 'Sally'. The arrangement is just right. Great song!
- Silken from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 19Oct2008

The chemistry between us:

Från Slicethepie:

Reviewed on 25 Aug 2008 by a scout

Score: 9/10

This is an old sounding song but actually will make you move your body to its tune. Tune is upbeat and so catchy. Great lyrics. The additional use of not so used instruments also adds to its beauty. This one is so good sounding.

Two pages of bad poetry:

Från Slicethepie:

Reviewed on 03 Jul 2009 by a scout

Score: 9/10

Through mastering leaves a little to be desired, this song is one of the best I've heard from a completely indie band in a long time. The build before each chorus leaves me stunned with the intensity of it. The solobridge section is a great combination after such an acoustic driven song.

Reviewed on 03 Jul 2009 by a scout

Score: 8/10

Incredibly quirky and fun song that has lots of really cool youthful lyrics and a vocal tone that flows along in a breezy easy style. The rhythm is remisent of eighties pop rock, but very enjoyable. Very cool song!

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Om ni inte orkar gå in och titta så har Lille Killen benat ur det viktigaste från denna sida och lagt upp det här:

Posted: den 2 juli 2008 13:35:32  

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So now before STP gave us the sAG7 showcas finalist, here are bands/artist I gave my tips for:

(I am still really annoyed that STP didnot warned the scouts that the arena will closed and I didnot used 31 tips  )

The list below also serve as proof in case STP make an error again and lost artist that I tips and made it to the showcase.

It happened in AG6, where I had 10 artists that I tip into showcase, later on I lost 2 artist that I tips without any explanation. Very troublesome.


Gustav Nilsson

· Track: Mulholland Drive

· Track: The chemistry between us

Lille Killen kan också stoltsera med att både Time to kill och Mulholland Drive fått den fina utmärkelsen Track of the day på Garageband. Då får man ett litet fint märke som man kan lägga upp här och var:

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#13 Chill-Out Track in Acoustic, all-time
Best Male Vocals in Acoustic, week of 10Sep2007
Best Male Vocals in Acoustic, week of 17Sep2007
Best Guitars in Acoustic, week of 17Sep2007
Best Production in Acoustic, week of 10Sep2007
Best Production in Acoustic, week of 17Sep2007
Best Production in Acoustic, week of 26May2008
Best Lyrics in Acoustic, week of 10Sep2007
Best Melody in Acoustic, week of 10Sep2007
Best Melody in Acoustic, week of 17Sep2007
Best Mood in Acoustic, week of 10Sep2007
Feel Good Track in Acoustic, week of 10Sep2007
Chill-Out Track in Acoustic, week of 17Sep2007
Chill-Out Track in Acoustic, week of 15Oct2007


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